This "Experience" consist of  2 Days of Enrichment, Encouragement, Engagement, and Enlightenment.
Come ready to "Experience" the POWER of transformation so you can win in life and in business. 
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Latricia Clarissa Davis, CEO of Emerge specializing in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Development has a unique way of bringing out the best in people. As an Educator, Business Consultant, Author, and Champion Mindset Coach she has helped thousands of people experience life transformation. She combines universal principles with practical everyday techniques that are designed to inspire, influence and invigorate everyone she works with. In her training are useful strategies that support intentional growth which ultimately leads to personal power, abundance, and prosperity.
Known as a Facilitator of Discovery™, she quickly identifies your areas of strength and guides you through a process that leads to maximizing full potential through her ground-breaking transformation mindset formula “S.H.I.F.T.”
She is dedicated to teaching others how to build trust in sustainable relationships that strengthen; inspire and ultimately empower people to live the highest vision of their life in the context of love, spirituality, and personal development.  Using her cutting edge techniques she helps people create profound change and dynamic balance to overcome life’s challenges.
Event Highlights
This Is MY Story
Celebrating the Emerging Class of 2018
There are defining moments when one moment, one decision, one opportunity coupled with preparation brings destiny and purpose together. God granted unto me the passion and heart for women over 10 years ago to facilitate breakthroughs connected to their stories and limiting beliefs buried deep inside them. When women decide to live in their TRUTH and stand on it, everything changes....their lights are shining and the world awaits all the gifts that are being released from each one of them. 
Thank you to all of my sisters in the journey who remind me every day that God has charged me "Don't Just Tell Them, SHOW Them". I said YES to doing the work, and honored God has chosen us for such a time as this. 

Congratulations to our Emerging Class of 2018, who completed the SHIFT Masterclass Program. Help me celebrate Bertha Brinson, Essence Chisholm, Leilani Chestnut, Heidy Honrado, Andrea Monroe, Kelly Marie Showard, and Tamela Smith, for committing to do the work to let your light (story) shine. This was your year to breakthrough so you can break out! 
Photo Credits: Will Holton

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