Latricia Clarissa Davis is the CEO of EMERGE, national event management and production company where she oversees the standard operations and procedures for all company events and overall programming. She is also the Leading Lady and Pastor at Impacting LOVE Global Ministries.

With a strong foundation in faith and being called to serve in the ministry and the marketplace, she is respectfully known as a Chief Spiritual Officer™. For over 15 years, she’s been leading the charge to advocate for the advancement of personal and spiritual growth of women leaders across the country. She powerfully connects with women who are brave, bold and beautiful by teaching them how to stand on their story uninhibited with grace and ease. Latricia passion to minister and restore women has positioned her to create sacred platforms for women to share their stories. She has a unique way of quickly identifying your areas of strength and guides you through a process that leads to personal and professional satisfaction, and spiritual alignment through her ground-breaking transformation mindset formula “S.H.I.F.T.”  Her motto is “You are one shift away from your breakthrough”.
In addition to her operational oversight, Latricia is a sought-after personal development coach specializing in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Spiritual Development. As an Educator, Consultant, Author, and Trainer Of Champions™ she has helped thousands of people experience ultimate life transformations. She combines universal principles with practical everyday techniques that are designed to inspire, influence and invigorate everyone she works with. In her training's are useful strategies that support intentional growth which ultimately leads to personal power, abundance, and prosperity. Using her game-changing techniques she helps people create profound change and dynamic balance to live the highest vision of their life in the context of love, spirituality, and purposeful intention.
Latricia is a trailblazer and a woman of faith with dynamic balance and has found a way to travel across various industries and serving in county government, not for profit, and higher education. She is a woman who believes in the value of family is a dedicated wife to her husband Apostle Garney Davis Jr., and loving mother of four remarkable children they reside in Western New York.

Our Mission 

We are on mission and intentional about meeting the needs of our clients. Our commitment is demonstrated by providing consistent support, insight, and practical strategies that activate transformation.​
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Why is Latricia in great demand by Industry Leaders, Corporations and Organizations across the country? 

In business since 2009, she has been responsible for organizing and developing signature events for organizations across the country. She speaks at Regional Women’s Conferences and Retreats, National Conventions, Leadership Training and Summits, and local county-wide events. 

Highly Requested Topics:
Get Out Of Your Own Way: Live In Personal Power, Abundance, and Prosperity!
Attracting Your Ideal Client: What's In It For Me? 
Breaking the Rules and Changing the Game!
Growing Pains: Understanding Why Growth Is Essential!
The Pathway to Mastery: Purpose, Priority, Power!

"I enjoy sharing my tool-kit and useful strategies to support you in building sustainable relationships that lead to personal power, abundance, and prosperity."

Leave No Dream Unfulfilled~ Latricia


At Emerge, we understand the value of relationship and community partnership. Our CEO believes in helping the community that she has been called to serve. Aligning with organizations that have a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for others is a requirement to work with us.

We are leaders in Entreprenuerial Leadership Training. Our company offers exceptional programs that are designed to Inspire, Influence, and Invigorate your personal development. Our corporate group training has proven results that enhance job performance and employee morale. 

Emerge relaunched our business since 2014 to enhance our team of educators, business consultants, and facilitators to work with thousands of people by bringing universal principles to practical everyday techniques. 

We are experienced in reconstructing, building and motivating people which leads to personal power, abundance and prosperity.

We use proven systems to help our community of leaders create profound change and dynamic balance to achieve extraordinary results in life and business. 

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Committed To Causes That Matter!

Women GO RED!

Go Red For Women encourages awareness of the issue of women and heart disease, and also action to save more lives. The movement harnesses the energy, passion and power women have to band together and collectively wipe out heart disease. It challenges them to know their risk for heart disease and take action to reduce their personal risk. It also gives them the tools they need to lead a heart healthy life.

Latricia is an dedicated ambassdor for the American Heart Association GO RED. Her committment to sharing with women the ways to live healthy lifestyles began in 2006, after her mother died from heart disease. 
Here is a message she shared with her community on the value of education about ways to engage your community and live longer!